The Gr8 potato harvest – part one

4 Sep

Well, actually it’s part two if you take into account the test harvest I did of a couple of plants last week.  I got 3lb’s off one plant! So much for fears of the blight eh?  I have 9 rows to harvest and through the last week managed to get through most of one row. So today I decided to do a ‘proper’ harvest and dug up 2 rows (plus one plant)

That’s about 9 or 10 plants (you can see my maths is a bit wonky right now, too much time spent trying to work out unit costs of book publishing!)  Anyway, I haven’t weighed what I got but I’m pretty happy with the result. Virtually NO spoiled potatoes and only a few that have some dodgy looking cankers on the surface. 

So, now there are 60 odd potatoes in the ‘processing plant’ (aka the double garage) getting their dirt dry and waiting to get stacked into old dog food bags, and another 50 or so smaller and less beautiful ones in the kitchen doing the same thing – for more immediate eating. 

 The plan is when we’ve finished these I’ll dig up the other 5 rows and get the rest of them ‘processed’ and stored. And then I just need to remember that there’s a difference between a ‘cool’ place and letting them freeze to death in the midwinter in the garage when it’s down to minus 15!


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