Squash – the clues in the name

16 Sep

I tried to put TOO MANY plants in TOO SMALL AN AREA.  It just doesn’t pay off. The time I’ve spent trying to follow back the tendrils (what else can I call them?) to see where the actual fruits link up, and the amount of stuff I’ve had to cut off (often including little fruits because I can’t see what I’m doing) has meant that I’m going to end up with only about 10 fruits off about 10 plants. Next year I’m going to grow them in LARGE pots, ONE per pot and take a lot more care of them. (The downside to this is that they will need to grow outside and thus take longer/ need more heat than they’ll get, so maybe I’ll do a COUPLE inside just for safety.) 

That said, I cropped the first 2 (well, 3 because one got pulled off by mistake in a pruning back exercise) and they look good.

The slightly weird thing is that I thought I’d only planted Butternut squash, so what that big green thing is I’m sure I don’t know.

 I’d better find out what it is before I cook it.  But I’m really looking forward to a nice meal with the Butternut squash…. risotto or tagliatelle?????  I’ll let it ripen for a few days while I make my choice and then try to remember to put it up on the recipe page for September.


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