October already

3 Oct

I can’t believe it. Although the inside of the polytunnel tells me that the notion of a harvest festival in October in NE Scotland is just a fiction.  After a particularly vicious aphid attack mid September I lost a lot of young kale, cabbage and spinach. I’m trying to restock but I think it’s probably too late. However, in the spirit of discovery I’ve taken a two pronged attack. 1) Potted up beetroot, spinach and kale seeds in the potting shed (where there seems to be more consistent heat at the moment than the polytunnel) and emptied the rest of my seed packets into the polytunnel…. we’ll see what comes up if anything.  I’m not confident because the temperature sways there between under 40 degrees and up to nearly 70 degrees if we get a bit of sun. But in the last week it’s been mostly rain.

As far as orchard harvests goes… earlier in the season we got a whole 2 cherries from the 2 cherry trees. And then we discovered ONE apple growing so we watched its progress with awe. However, the recent winds brought it off the branch and so THAT was our harvest. Nature dictates…..  You can see the size of a normal apple on the left and our first apple on the right. Not that impressive, but the trees have only been in 2 seasons so hopefully next year they may fruit better. I hope so, because 2 cherries and 1 apple isn’t exactly what I expected from an orchard of 12 trees!!!   I must get out and feed them before winter, but the problems of bonemeal and dogs was addressed on Beechgrove potting shed last week and NO ONE had a sensible solution.


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