Fleece is my new best friend

23 Oct

The weather has taken a decided winter feel (we’ve had the first snow and frosts are becoming regular) All seedlings were moved into the polytunnel and have been covered in fleece, I have to admit to being sceptical about this, but a week on, they seem to be flourishing (apart from the row of kale which MIGHT be being munched from underneath the fleece, but they might have been munched before the fleece went on – I’ll hav to keep an eye on them)

Not sure that the fleece will actually protect enough to get a winter crop in the polytunnel, but it’s an experiment worth making with the old seeds.

And now I can turn my mind to ordering up NEXT season’s seeds. And you can be sure it will be seed packets this time NOT plug plants. I’ve learned my lesson there and I will be more in control of the whole process next year (so it will only be my fault if things don’t grow)  I’m already relishing the challenge of getting my own cauliflowers to the table from seedlings and having parsnips again and I will NOT have any tomato plants (well, not more than 2)


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