Has spring finally sprung?

25 Feb

Oh, I know I’m going to live to regret this. And that in the same way that as one swallow does not a summer make,  just getting your washing out on the line twice in a week and seeing crocuses, snowdrops and primulas in the garden DOES NOT MEAN IT WON’T SNOW AGAIN.  And dreaming of turning off the central heating and NOT cleaning the grate out every day and lighting the fire out every night, and congratulating myself on getting through only ONE coal bunker of coal this year….. but the days are getting longer (light from just after 7am till nearly 6pm at the moment)  makes me think that yes, it’s becoming spring.

However, this is NOT going to lull me into a false sense of security.  I am NOT sowing seeds yet. Maybe the first lot will get a trial next weekend but NOTHING before the beginning of March.  I sowed some sweet peas in the potting shed and they are NOT germinating. It’s just NOT warm enough in there.  It’s been 60 in the polytunnel over the last couple of days by day, but down considerably at night.  However, I’ve removed some of the fleecing and it looks like there MIGHT be if not some real spinach and kale then at least some micro-greens before the new compost goes in.   Despite all, one cannot avoid a feeling of optimism that this will be THE BEST GROWING SEASON YET! 


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