Rhubarb in april!

5 Apr

I think that’s a first. It’ll only be a couple of meals worth but still….

The weather recently has been variable. Apart from the wind, that’s constant.  Things are starting to grow in the polytunnel (see garden diary) and daffodils abound in the garden as well as loads of primroses and primulas and the russian snowdrops I got last year. No sign of the ground cover lilies though.

The indoor magnolia tree is flourishing. The outdoor one looks decidedly unhappy, not quite dead but nothing as committed as leaves or obvious buds!

Bamboos and privet are all still looking like they need a break from the wind and some decent sun. 

Compost came recently and so a jolly two days spent shifting that, now raised beds are all ready for crop and polytunnel also.  New potato bed is dug and ready and waiting for the potatoes. The empire expands! 

Haven’t had to think about cutting grass yet, but after my sojourn to Dumfries for the rest of this week, I think I’ll have to stop relying on the dogs to wear down the grass and get the lawnmower out for the first time.


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