This is a sort of online gardening diary which charts the history of the Hillhead of Ardmiddle Polytunnel and its produce as well as the ongoing saga of feeding ourselves. It’s a kind of tribute to George Orwell’s garden diaries (not quite as well known as his fiction) and a good way to keep a record of what worked and what didn’t.  If George Orwell was the inspiration, it was also born out of being incensed at the going’s on of “scary” Alys Fowler of Gardener’s World and her Edible Garden series.  In this blog I show it’s possible just to grow vegetables, live the simple life and NOT get a huge whack from the BBC as part of the deal. And that  floating around in a pretty frock and wellies is not an essential part of the process. But maybe that’s the difference between the “urban” gardener and the rural one.  My simple life doesn’t involve parties and camera crews…. just feeding ourselves on produce I’ve grown and living in nice surroundings we tend ourselves.  I’m not working for an audience, I’m working for myself.  Sorry Scary Alys, you are just another media construction and you’ve sold out on the “simple life” principles when you let the cameras in!! I may not ride a bike but I think I’m more “authentic” than Scary Alys, and I don’t even have an O level in Biology, I’m just a horticulural illiterate doing the best I can.


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