April 2011

5th April. Having held out till April to start sowing, it’s been pretty busy in the last few days.  The most radical thing was putting out the early potatoes. charlotte and maris peer. Maybe too soon, before even Beechgrove have done it, but the weather (apart from wind) has been more clement than usual lately, so I’m hoping.

Have also finally got the new potato patch dug (little thanks to me who was precious little use in the digging) but a sterling job by George got it done in 2 sessions. It looks great but I should wait a couple of weeks before putting in the maincrop – King Edward and Maris Piper.

I’m trying to stagger my sowing more this year, but already I’m drowning in broccoli seedlings because as ever, they all came up and I don’t want to THIN them, which is just a weak way of saying KILL 3/4 of the ones you’ve grown. 

Also have 2 lots of cabbage seedlings on the go and have the odd row of various salad and spinach in odd places, the idea being to put them into the JULY row of the actual crop in the polytunnel so that I CAN’T overplant too early on. I have 2 x squash and 2 x courgettes in the heated propagator along with a load of flower seeds.

We have enough overwintered kale and spinach to keep us going for about half the week and of course this makes me even less keen to BUY green veg, so I’m hoping the salad will come on line soon! 

There are beets (which I’m going to haul up as baby beets, I need to plant OTHER STUFF in there) and garlic which I think will need to stay in there till June and then be replaced by the last of the courgettes – we will NOT have 8 courgette plants on the go at the same time like last year!!! I WILL learn the art of successional sowing, even in this northerly place where the growing season is short.

And today I got the first crop of rhubarb from the 2 year old plant. The one’s I planted last year seem to have been lost deep in the ground after the winter, but there’s hope they may re-emerge later in the season.

The fruit trees are all in bud, so maybe we’ll even get some fruit this autumn. I live in hope.


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