June food

It’s June. On the food front it’s been the very first pickings of peas (mange tout) and pea shoots (asparagus) and nasturtium leaves. A small taste  of what’s to come.

 But there’s no need to feel that we’re underfed. For the same meal we had THIS

and that’s an explanation why all my clothes are two sizes too small for me.

Grilled lamb steak with grilled halloumi cheese and red peppers, sauted potatoes, wilted spinach and pak choi, topped with pea shoots.  That’s what I call a good meal!

Cabbages are growing and growing and growing and I’m NOT going to give the slugs all the food, so we’re eating spring greens – GIANT spring greens – a couple of leaves is enough for a good starter.

And finally in June my personal favourite makes an appearance. COURGETTE FLOWERS. There’s lots you can do with them.

This is the simplest of ways, just lightly fry in some butter (with courgettes and mange touts here) and some lemon juice. You can, if you can be bothered, make a tempura batter and then fry them, but they are very delicate and it can squash them. And they taste just as good au natrelle.


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