August 2010

This site has been getting neglected and the polytunnel/raised beds haven’t had all the attention they might have had. I always find it difficult to plan for the future when I’m drowning in current crop.

The new potatoes finally all had to be lifted due to the inclement (raining) weather and I’m just hoping the maincrop hasn’t suffered. There’s no sign of it, they seem to be doing really well, but October will tell.

In the space from the new potatoes I’ve just planted (with little real hope of anything coming to fruition) a row of cabbages, a row of spring onions and a row of beetroot. Also the remnants of the onions which I had been going to put in the polytunnel but decided they’d best just get out there. They are a bit wrinkly and I don’t think they’ll come to much. Nor did the earlier crop (but being danced on regularly by the dogs didn’t help) However, we’ve had SOME home onions both white and red and it always boosts my mood when I add yet another home made ingredient to a meal.

This is what the polytunnel looks like inside now

 with the winter crop going in. I’ve planted kale and some more cabbages (got 6 cabbages still to grow big enough to eat.) Salad crops are in where I’m waiting to put spinach, it just runs to seed in the heat at the moment.  Constantly trying to keep the squash in order but I feel I left it too late. And waiting for the tomatoes to EVER turn red which I doubt somehow. Green tomato chutney again for us. Or nothing but tomatoes to eat in september…. I don’t really want to only eat tomatoes and lots of them one month of the year.  Call me picky!     4 courgette plants still going strong.  next year will NOT be the year of the courgette.  But it kind of feels like the end of one season of growing and the next lot not really ready yet – courgettes will bridge the gap till the kale/spinach takes off and the squash are big enough to eat.  I can’t believe that all the cauliflowers are eaten and so much cabbage and broccoli.   Next year I WILL get better at spreading out the crop.   Oh, still got some beetroot to eat from the raised beds and the leeks are growing well (not enough of them though, only about 30 and we can eat 2 at a sitting the size they are now… so I hope they will grow bigger and bigger before harvest time)

The sunflowers are starting to get heads… come on guys it’s AUGUST….. and the borage has taken over the world much to the bees delight.  Nasturtiums have done a great job in keeping the slugs/caterpillars at bay (mostly) as has our tame toad which lives between the polytunnel and raised beds and was last seen when I tried to dig him up as a potato!

Lilies have started to come out as well and they are GIANT…. almost scary in their proportions actually. Next yea they’ll come out of their pots and get put in the spaces left when we’ve dug up more damned dog roses (assuming nature lets us do this in late autumn and doesn’t just rain on us for 2 months like last year!) These pictures really don’t do justice to just how big and scary some of these lilies are. When I feel brave I’ll go and take a better picture… though we have gales forecast so they’ll probably all be battered into non existence by the weekend.


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