July 2010

Well it was bound to happen. Too busy gardening to report on it. Let’s try an update for the month of July. Well, mostly we’re drowning in courgettes. Next year HALF the number of plants will do.  This month I’ve made ridiculous amounts of rattattouille and frozen masses.

The first flush of broccoli has gone, made into broccoli and stilton soup and stir fried with halloumi and mushrooms. 

The first cauliflowers have come up, success! Too much success as five huge heads came up on the same day and threatened to go PURPLE (is this what happens to them when they are past their best.) Pulled them up and made massess of cauliflower cheese and froze some and THEN read the information which told me I could hang them upside down for 3 weeks to preserve them (will do this if the next lot come up at the same time!)

I have waged war on the squash, trying to prick out or do whatever to make less leaves and shoots emerge. It seems to be a losing battle though, and I can’t see much evidence of fruits yet.  Speaking of which, the tomatoes, which I have lavished with at least three times my normal care don’t seem to be benefitting from this as they only have a handful of tiny green tomatoes between the 6 plants for all that effort. 

With the gaps from the caulis and broccoli I’ve put in a first load of kale for the winter. And a few spinach but they keep running to seed (I think because it’s too hot)  And another harvest of pak choi is upon us.  Also a catch crop of lettuce has gone in, so there’s still plenty of salad.

Outside, caterpillars got one lot of brussel sprouts (not that I care about this) and may have moved onto the rocket (which I care about more!)  I have harvested some cauliflower and broccoli from the raised beds but of course July’s greatest success has been the new potatoes. They are fantastic, lots of them and pretty large as well.  Easily enough to see us through till the main crop is ready.

This is the very first load of new potatoes (one plant’s worth) but every time I’ve lifted some since there’s been more per plants and there were 30 plants!

And this, the much vaunted first cauliflower. There’s plenty more where that came from!


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