Jan/Feb 2011

It’s February already. Obviously things were pretty quiet from the last post in October – mainly because the polytunnel became an igloo

Views inside and out

So, not much to be done!

However, the snow finally went and we veer between very cold and very temperate so that there are the first shoots of snowdrops and lilies trying to emerge, but doubtless they’ll get very confused and who knows when ‘spring’ will happen. It was April last year but it’ll be earlier this year unless we get another big snow dump!

I’ve started putting in the work getting things ready for planting. The potting shed is tidied

The polytunnel ready (with possibly some micro greens if the seeds I planted under fleece in October/November ever make it through – gives me a continued interest in what’s possible!)

and the raised beds are cleared and ready for compost

And that is the priority task. I find that I have actually managed to ‘make’ some compost of a kind and it needs to be moved so that we can re-site the water tanks.  So…. digging… digging… moving barrows and THEN buy some good old KEENAN recycled compost to top it all up.  And maybe some rock dust for extra measures….. I am determined to have a bumper crop this year!


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