May food

22nd May

Now that the polytunnel is super productive, I thought it might be a good idea to celebrate some of the final produce with a separate section including pictures of the veg and recipes using the veg.

The recent hot sunny weather has made the salad crop grow HUGE. Note a spinach leaf on the left and Chinese leaf on the right.

I think that it’s impossible to have too much spinach, because when you cook it, it reduces so much. However, my preferred method of cooking spinach (when the leaves are too big to eat raw as baby salad) is to wilt it. One favourite is to put it in a wok and add goats cheese. Take it out when spinach wilted and goats cheese just melting.  But today I decided to be even more experimental for lunch.

RECIPE:  Put as much spinach as you have in a wok. Add ginger, garlic and lemon and put the lid on to let it wilt.  Add couscous with lemon and coriander and for meatists some meat and serve on a bed of chinese leaves. 

We are certainly getting our daily veg now… this is how much salad I picked for dinner tonight (and y0u wouldn’t know it had gone from the polytunnel) I’m a great believer in having lots of plants and constantly cropping them by taking just a few leaves from each one. They seem to last a lot longer that way and even if the slugs get some, there’s always more left for us.

This is how much salad we are eating each day now.


Recently I let myself loose in the ethnic section of the supermarket and bulk bought turmeric and tandoori spices – so we’re having a lot of Indian inspired food. Tonight we dined al fresco (th0ugh wimped out on the bbq element, not wanting to tempt the rain gods)

The meal was tandoori chicken thighs, pilau rice and salad, washed down with rose juice – George was fishing later so no alcohol to wash it down with – The salad consisted of: baby spinach, pak choi, chinese leaves, beetroot leaves and a variety of green and red lettuce leaves too numerous to mention.


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