August already

14 Aug

..and half way through at that. I have been meaning to update this for ages, but struggling with squash and planting winter kale and spinach has kept me busy.  Note… next year I will plant squash in TUBS! (and look after them better) and I will plant HALF as many courgettes and I will not plant as many of ANYTHING at any one time.  We have such a short growing season but I’m going to resolve to plant small amounts monthly from April through to August cause right now we’re at the end of all sorts of things that were in overabundance a month ago.

The last of the cauliflowers hanging up in the garage (like so many Italian fascists) will be eaten tomorrow.  The cabbages are definitely on the wane, though I don’t remember eating that many cabbages. The purple sprouting broccoli was disappointing and broccoli seemed to be over too fast (maybe need to plant MORE of that next year) 

I’ve lifted all but one row of new potatoes (due to terrible rain) I am kept awake at night worrying whether my main crop potatoes are actually rotting or subject to weevil type thingys under the ground and when I go to harvest them in October I’ll get nothing but mush (this has happened to me once before so it’s not a totally paranoid delusion!)  If not, and if they are as good as the new potatoes (some of which are HUGE and can be baked and chipped) then we should have potatoes all through the winter. I have now developed the right method of storing them in old dog food bags!

The tomatoes… what can I say. I WILL NOT bother next year. I mean, they’re coming on and all but it’s THE MIDDLE OF AUGUST and I’ve been wanting to eat tomatoes since our first salad crop. I feel guilty buying them in the shops when we have them growing but by the time they grow the salad will be history and there’s not going to be more than a few meals worth off 6 plants so I will accept that tomatoes need HEATED conditions and high maintenance treatment which I’m not prepared to give them, and I’ll just buy tomatoes next year.

Still that’s what I love about growing veg (apart from eating them) you live and learn and every year is a new adventure.


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